Administrator Desk
Shri Ram Sahai Jat
Hon'ble Chairman
Baba Gangadas Vidhyapeeth (P) ITC
Shri Sardar Mal Yadav
Hon'ble Secretary
Baba Gangadas Vidhyapeeth (P) ITC

News & Events
The Name Baba Gangadas is famous due to Triveni Dham place. Nearly 200 years ago a saint name as Gangadas was born in Peethalpur village. He was very famous in the surrounding area. There are many followers in Triveni Dham who have established.

Managing Society / Trust / Company -
Name Society/Trust/Company etc. Baba Gangadas Vidhyapeeth ITC
Registration Number and Its validity 452/Jaipur/2001-2002
Scanned copy of related certificated hyperlinked Baba Gangadas Vidhyapeeth

Name(S) Chairman and Members -
Name & Designation Father’S Name Address Mobile No UID No Whether member of any other Society/Trust/Company If answer of column 6 is yes please furnish detail
Ram Sahai Jat (Chirman) Prabhati Lal Inderprast Colony Shahpura (Jaipur) 9414076596 5909/6681/1884
Sardar Mal Yadav (Secretary) Madan Lal yadav Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur) 9828378718      
Mahesh Kumar Jat (Treasurs) Prabhati Lal Inderprast Colony Shahpura (Jaipur) 9829873780 7520/3744/5170    
Ramchandra Yadav (Vice President) Madan Lal yadav Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)        
Rispal Yadav (Deputy Secretary) Kalu Ram Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)        
Priyanka kalawat (Member) Hari Prasad kalawat Surpura bagawas chorashe (Jaipur)   4397/6672/2551    
Mangal Chand yadav (Member) Girdhari Lal Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)        
Hemlata Sharma (Member) Danveer kran sharma Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)   5620/3281/5183    
Lali urf koushalya meena (Member) Prabhu Dayal Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)   5228/8627/5800    
Kavita prajapat (Member) Indra kumar prajapat Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)   6003/0559/4868    
Hanuman Sahay (Member) Bhairu Ram Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)        
Ratan devi (Member) Shriram Yadav Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)        
Saroj jangied venu prasad Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)   6767/4600/7126    
Sarita devi mohan lal yadav Nathawala shahpura (Jaipur)   6192/7291/6237    
Rakesh yadav Hanuman sahay yadav Chimanpura Shahpura (Jaipur)   8780/5974/3167    
Anita yadav Amar singh yadav Maid virathnagar( jaipur)   2163/3902/3979    

Schemes ruining in the Institute (CTS and MES etc. under NCVT) -
Name of the Scheme Total Capacity Duration Admitted in Current Financial year Current Status
Craftsman Training Scheme 336 1 year and 2 year 185
Modular Employable Scheme NIL NIL NIL NIL
Other Schemes NIL NIL NIL NIL