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Shri Ram Sahai Jat
Hon'ble Chairman
Baba Gangadas Vidhyapeeth (P) ITC
Shri Sardar Mal Yadav
Hon'ble Secretary
Baba Gangadas Vidhyapeeth (P) ITC

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Chairman Message
It gives me immense pleasure to give you a glimpse of our world of I.T.I. Training. It is not so long ago that our I.T.C.has established in Ajmer,A peaceful and historical city. In 2008 Chitransh I.T.C has established by me with the blessings of elders and almighty,To provide Quality in technical education (Training)beneficial for today’s growing industries and as well as for our country. My vision of I.T.I Training is not only to gain knowledge of students but alsoto impart practical knowledge to satisfy the industry which is very much important for the growth of country. The training also means to serve the society as a good human being. Our training means a step ahead towards the growth of country as well as society.

To achieve this goal we have developed the atmosphere of learning and training at our institute for trainees ,so no one can defeat by the destiny. we always here to build and height the career of our student so they can fight the challenging world and any obstacle in their future endeveours.

Best wishes…..
Ram Sahai Jat